Things to Do

With no TVs and minimal internet coverage, we would like our guests to simply take a break from the maddening routines that most of you may be following in daily lives.

In addition, the following optional activities may be undertaken:-

1. DO NOTHING – Amazingly simple and simply alluring. Sitting on the terrace or in the sit out or inside the young forest in our front yard or by the river or inside your rooms, you may lose track of time as you pamper yourself with honey lemon tea or coffee or just pure water. We have enough books to keep you busy and help you fall sleep soon after a sumptuous breakfast!

2. WALK IN THE WOODS – Kasol is 04 Kms away, along the main road that runs next to us. However, you may like to walk 05 Kms to reach Kasol by taking the route that would take you across a hanging foot bridge that spans the river close to our cottage. You will be able to walk through and see villages of Katagla and Chalal on your way before crossing back over the only other foot bridge in the middle of Kasol. You can then spend some time in the town and catch a bus back to the cottage. Please do ask for directions from staff before leaving.

3. HOLY DIPS – Manikaran (9 Kms) has historic temples and a famous gurudwara that has a 24x7 running kitchen. Both the temple complex and gurudwara have hot springs and arrangements (separate for ladies and gents) for taking dip in those springs. Touted to be very good for body pains and for detox, you can spend most of an hour or more, depending upon your convenience in any of those tanks. Be cautious that over-doing it may cause dizziness for a while. Do carry a water bottle, change of clothes and towels.

4. KASOL – Kasol (4 Kms), the mini Israel of India, is known for its natural beauty and Shiva's Regal! A number of good eateries and restaurants throng the place. Newly established hot water bath facility inside the Forest Department Complex is worth a visit, especially if you have not given holy springs at Manikaran a try.

5. TREKS – Parvati Valley is trekker's paradise. Kheer Ganga, Rasol, Grahan, Magic Valley and such like treks can be done over one or two days depending upon your comfort and time. Pin-Parvati, Chanderkhani Pass and Sar Pass treks MUST be done only under expert guidance and assistance.

6. OLD TIMES SAKE – Malana Village, known more for marijuana cream by its name than the holy saint who once lived there, is now open and is about 45 to 60 minutes walk from the road. It has some beautiful architecture and vintage buildings but be prepared to see clogged drains, un-cleared muck and locals who may talk but who would not allow you to touch anything or anyone.

7. SANCTUARIES – Kalpa, Pulga, Tosh and such like villages, once made famous by Israelis, are still popular with visitors. A walk through some of these villages is refreshing and rejuvenating.

8. PARTY TIME – Once known for its full moon parties, Kasol has given up on that culture. Arrival of synthetic drugs in Parvati Valley in 2015/16 raised alarms among the locals and administrative machinery alike. The menace was clipped in its bud and things were back to normal soon.....thankfully so!

9. FATAL ATTRACTION – Parvati River lures but kills. Guests would be better off appreciating its roar and flow from a safe distance. Rocks and sand bars close to its banks are slippery and deceptive. Guests must NOT tread into waters, especially, for selfies.

10. ADRENALINE RUSH - River crossing over a fire fox rope, rock climbing and rappelling are some of the high kick activities that are available under expert supervision. While we don't organise any such activity, we can co-ordinate the same on request.