How to Reach

COORDINATES FOR GOOGLE... 32.006977, 77.286205

LOCATION :- Parvati Woods, Village Suma Ropa, Kasol.

HOW TO REACH: Nearest Airport is at Bhuntar, 24 Kms away. Whether you are driving in own car or travelling in a bus, Bhuntar would remain the key location from where one has to turn North to enter Parvati Valley. New direct Delhi-Manikaran Volvo Bus service has just commenced and any direct bus to Manikaran would mean no need to get down at Bhuntar to change the bus. Otherwise cabs (about INR 1100-1250) and local buses (INR 40-50) are available in plenty; ask them to drop you at Parvati Woods, Suma Ropa.

On your way to Kasol, you will cross a mid-sized village, Jari. Impossible to miss, it is about 20 Kms from Bhuntar Bus Stand. After crossing the village, road descends and then levels out as it follows contours of the river to its left. Four Kms ahead of Jari, you will reach a settlement called Suma Ropa. Don't just get down in the village; cross it till you see a property, Camp Kabila, on to left of the road. Get down 50 metres ahead of Camp Kabila Board. The young but dense forest on to your left is Parvati Woods. A small road descends into Parvati Woods and the first property, exactly 35 metres from the main road, is Colonel's Dacha. It is a 3-storeyed, red roof cottage. Local bus conductors and cabbies know it as Wooden Cottage and they will drop you there if you tell them the name. Non Himachali drivers and bus conductors may/may not be familiar with the place and may tend to drop you short of or inside Suma Ropa (near Hotel Anupam or Tashila). Please be sure to get down only after crossing the village.